lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

"Remembering in London", the excellent blog by Marta Moreno illustrated with pictures by Lorenzo Hernandez
"I'm working on this association ( European Reminiscence Network). To deal with people with dementia in English is difficult, and my colleagues have much experience in that field, but I learn every day and, as with yoga, the key is to be patient and persevere. "

martes, 15 de octubre de 2013

Introduction to meditation - Level I of Shambhala - Nov 30-Dec 1

Shambhala meditaton room to YogaSala Málaga

The Shambhala Meditation Group of Malaga is holding a meditation course the weekend 30th Nov - 1st Dec. This is the perfect introduction to meditation and to the Shambhala teachings. With the practice of meditation we learn to befriend ourselves and to realise that we have all that we need to be content. We connect with a natural state of well-being that allows us to live without fear, with humour and dignity. The course consists of group meditation instruction and practice, individual meditation instruction, talks on the Shambhala teachings and space to share experiences with other participants. Please note that the course will be taught in Spanish without translation. There will however be several English speakers who can provide support if needed. For more information contact Chris Burke 622 049 81

lunes, 14 de octubre de 2013

Ho'opnopono - 2 Tages Vergebungsseminar, 25./26. Januar 2014, Yogasala Malaga, C/Moreno Monroy 5

Ho'opnopono Vergebungsseminar mit Sascha Ansahl , spiritueller Lehrer und Heiler .
Heilung von Ängsten und Blockaden durch das vergebende Gebet Ho'oponppono.
Meine Arbeit gilt der Vergebung auf verschiedenen Ebenen der Persönlichkeit des Menschen, so auch  auf der Seelenebene. Ich nutze unter anderem die Kraft des vergebenden Gebetes-im hawaiianischen Ho'oponopono-und setzte mich so für das Wohl meiner Mitmenschen ein. HUNA das "innere verborgene Wissen" enthält essentielle  Weisheiten zur optimalen eigenverantwortlichen, positiven Lebensführung, dieses Wissen fliesst in das Seminar mit ein.
Die Heilung von Ängsten und Blockaden im Unterbewusstsein werden mit dem vergebenden Gebet Ho'oponopono in Einklang gebracht. In meinen Seminaren wird der heilige Prozess der Vergebung mit intensiven Heil-und Herzmeditationen unterstützt. Die Seele des Teilnehmers erfährt dadurch mehr Licht und das kann zu mehr Frieden, Freude und Fülle führen, es wird als Erleichterung wahrgenommen.
Darüber hinaus erhält der Teilnehmer die einfachen Werkzeuge von Ho'oponopono, um sich im Alltag Erleichterung zu verschaffen.
                              Vergebung ist Heiligkeit- Mahatma Gandhi -

2 Tages Vergebungs - Seminar am 25./26. Januar 2014
Wo: Yogasala Malaga, C/Moreno Monroy 5
Beginn: 14:00 Uhr - Ende ca. 20:00 Uhr
Info und Anmeldung :
Kosten:130,00€ incl. Unterlagen

viernes, 13 de septiembre de 2013

Bellydance classes in Malaga center

Yoga Sala is a beautiful and peaceful place in the center of Malaga, and every Friday afternoon at 5pm we enjoy dancing together to the rhythms of the music and our bodies. 

Many times, bellydance has been seen as a seductive dance made for the men, but never far away from the truth. The roots of bellydance are from the ancient cultures 5000 years ago. It was a dance uses to help the women in labor and used during the rituals of the goddesses. The movements were created for the feminine body, to stimulate, relax and strengthen the muscles needed during labor, menstruation and to keep the women’s body healthy.  

Bellydance can help you during your pregnancy and birth, to regulate menstrual disequilibria or pain, relaxing you uterus, strengthening the muscles in your hips and pelvis, regulating your body posture and helping you connect with your lower body. 

Bellydance is for all ages and body shapes, we dance together enjoying ourselves and connecting with our body and the music. You are always welcome to try a class for free and see by yourself the benefits for body and soul of this beautiful dance!
In class you can feel free to speak English or Spanish.

For more information
Sofia Nikander
Tlf 607 622 058 (in Spanish)

sábado, 31 de agosto de 2013


After the Málaga Fair break, MANTRA CHANTING sessions hosted by Be Pryce resume in Yogasala Málaga on Thursday September 5.

Mantra is a sanskrit word meaning 'to calm or protect the mind'. Mantras are words or phrases which are chanted repetitively and thus a vibration is created that modifies and improves our physical, mental, and emotional state. And the good news are that anyone, regardless of their musical or vocal knowledge, can chant this healing technique, because chanting mantras have nothing to do with singing in the right key. It is more about each of us creating our own vibration. You are all welcome.

Money contributions are voluntary.  Schedule: from 20:45 to 21:30

The session will be hosted by: 
Be Pryce, Singing Therapist, Gestalt Psychotherapist, Mantra Chanter.

For more info and reservations, please call 648058496, 

or write to

viernes, 30 de agosto de 2013

Meditation sessions

Join the Shambhala group of Málaga for group meditation in YogaSala on Thursdays from 17:30-18:30. Instruction is available for new meditators. We also meet from 10:00-13:30 on the last Sunday of the month. There is no charge for these activities but please contact us in advance if you would like instruction.
Fernando   tel 686 667 650     email (Spanish)
Chris            tel 622 049 181    email (English)
For more information see www.malaga.shambhala. es